books and cleverness

I read books of all sorts, but mostly kids' lit and young adult literature and speculative fiction for all ages—usually from a feminist perspective. 


I've adopted a personalized version of the CHOICE reviews approach to recommendations/star ratings:

***** = Essential, a.k.a. truly love, absolute must-read, buy it now
**** = Highly Recommended, a.k.a. this is a really good book; I would buy it as a gift
*** = Recommended, a.k.a. pretty good; worth reading
** = Optional, a.k.a. meh
* = Not Recommended; a.k.a. this is not a good book

"Not Just Child’s Play: A Fall 2013 Picture Book Preview"

From The Atlantic Wire, a roundup of some of the most anticipated picture books coming out this season, with beautiful illustrations. Here are a couple of my favorites:



Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown (Little Brown, Sept. 3)

We're all excited for this one, right?



The Nowhere Box by Sam Zuppardi (Candlewick, November 12)

I love that the artwork uses the textures of corrugated cardboard.