books and cleverness

I read books of all sorts, but mostly kids' lit and young adult literature and speculative fiction for all ages—usually from a feminist perspective. 


I've adopted a personalized version of the CHOICE reviews approach to recommendations/star ratings:

***** = Essential, a.k.a. truly love, absolute must-read, buy it now
**** = Highly Recommended, a.k.a. this is a really good book; I would buy it as a gift
*** = Recommended, a.k.a. pretty good; worth reading
** = Optional, a.k.a. meh
* = Not Recommended; a.k.a. this is not a good book

The Daughter of Time (Inspector Alan Grant Series #5)

The Daughter of Time - Josephine Tey

Revisionist history presented as a sort of cross between a Socratic dialogue and Rear Window, this is an easy read for those who aren't great at reading nonfiction (I include myself in that group). I'm totally willing to buy into the portrait of Richard III presented here, but since it's technically fiction, one must be skeptical. An edition that included an afterword with notes on sources and what fictional liberties were taken would be welcome.


What made me pick it up?

A co-worker recommended and loaned it to me, after the Richard III discovery.